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  Henan Mr Noel environmental protection technology co., LTD, is a set design、Development、Manufacturing、Installation and after-sales service into a professional environmental protection equipment production and sales of high-end enterprises,Is a professional engaged in various kinds of dust、Waste gas、Sewage and ventilation high environmental protection science and technology enterprise。
  The company has standardized management team、High quality technology talented person、Professional technicians、Mechanized equipment,Advanced production technology,Rich experience in production dust collector,Sound management and perfectISOQuality guarantee system,Complete testing means,Fully guarantee the product quality and product performance。
  The company has a national grade a environment pollution treatment facilities operational qualification and grade b environmental engineering design qualification,China's environmental protection industry association member,Hold safety production license、Environmental protection equipment production license,PassedISOQuality management system certification,Is the top private enterprises in henan province and henan province environmental protection product key recommend enterprises。
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    Wear-resisting star discharger characteristic

    Wear resistant star discharger characteristic type star discharger SAP calculation method is as follows: Discharger SAP calculation method is very simple,Just remember the inside of the formula。 G:0.06V.N.Y.R.K(Tons/Hours) V---The discharger volume(L/Turn) N---Unloading speed(Turn/Points) Y---The discharger volume

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    The difference between the chain discharger and ordinary discharger

    The difference between the chain discharger and ordinary discharger chain discharger and the difference between ordinary discharger:Chain discharger can work under high temperature or other harsh conditions(Affected by climate change),While ordinary discharger limited to temperature,The bad working condition is special material。 Chain and discharger

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    The advantages of folding bag

    The advantages of folding bag1、Can directly replace existing of bag filter dust removal filter bag,Don't need to dust removal equipment main body structure,Replace the filter area can increase after50-150%;2、Can significantly reduce the system pressure,To improve overall system performance and the dust filter bag itself life;3、Can greatly reduce the ash or frequency

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    Matters needing attention when the boiler bag dust collector

    Matters needing attention when the boiler bag dust collector1、Pay attention to the bag chamber condensation situation exists,The ash discharge system was clear。Prevent the dust bag blockage and corrosion,The production of dust seriously will affect the host。2、The installation of the dust bag,If there is a drop bag after use、To let go、Wear, and so on and so forth,After put into operation

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    How to maintain and repair warehouse top filter

    How to maintain and repair warehouse top filter1.Warehouse top filter operation,Should establish maintenance personnel management,Be familiar with the filter working principle and technical performance,With the method of adjustment and maintenance,Carry out inspection in each shift,Establish the operation record。2.The oil-water separator of compressed air,The filter、Propane tanks、Air package class should waste one to two times。3.Compression

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