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        • Gen star fish series pump power top appreciation
            • Gen star becomeCCTVDiscovery《craftsmanship spiri》Aquarium industry enterprises
                • Brand new image,Old glow the new vitality!
                    • Gen landing Tmall star flagship store!
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                           Gen star electric appliance co., LTD., zhongshan city, guangdong province,Was built in1990Years,It happenedThe independent brand“Atman”。Is a pick up outside the processing(OEM)And r&d、Production、Sales in the integration of large manufacturers of aquatic animals。

                            Aquatic products cover:The fish tank、Water pump、Air pump、The filter、Aquarium lighting、Heating rods, etc,A total of200Multiple varieties。Products diverse styles,Performance wide generality,In addition to domestic sales,AlsoTo meet the demand of different countries,Exported to abroad。

                            In the past,Gen star walked out of the own brand by the quality,Loved by using homeGain the market reputation

                            In the future,We stick to“Quality”For survival,Put a star into“Rest assured of cooperation,Brand trust,Quality assured,Equipped with rest assured,After rest assured”Rest assured aquarium enterprise。

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                        Address:Xiaolan town, zhongshan city, guangdong province Lie forty acres east village industrial zone(Lian feng road)
                        The phone:86-760-23383398    Fax:86-760-22121951

                        Hong Kong and the star products co., LTD
                        Address:Tsuen wan, New Territories, Hong Kong sha tsui26-38Hui force industrial centers3Floor31Room
                        The phone:852-24131336    Fax:852-24131116