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  • 2018-6-5
    To apply for the tax(Stop)Original registration
    The tax(The complex)Enterprise registration: The taxpayer、The withholding agent,Due to production、Need to temporarily stop operations management reasons,Should be after the approval of relevant departments,To the tax authorities of tax registration。 What conditions should be out of business tax registration: The taxpayer、The withholding agent,Due to production、The business...
  • 2018-6-5
    Enterprises entrust accounting bookkeeping agency company
    Has always been,Many of the newly established small and medium-sized enterprise financial will because don't understand、By relevant departments of the tax law punishment,And because of industrial and commercial tax related issues, shuffling、A siege。The emergence of financial services companies,For these small and medium-sized enterprises to solve the problem。 Bookkeeping is refers to the enterprise will of the company...
  • 2018-6-5
    The necessity of tax charge to an account
    When you completed the industrial and commercial registration procedures,The first thought is to choose who to do the accounting,You may wish to use your friends and family or do you think trustworthy person,But you would ever thought of:These people can avoid legal responsibility and legal risk for you?Can help you to properly deal with the audit law enforcement agencies?Hefei bo for finance...

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    Company introduction
    Huangshan mountain in the entire enterprise service co., LTD2017Years11Menstruation huangshan city bureau of finance、Huangshan city administration of industry and commerce approved the establishment,Mainly engaged in finance and tax consulting、Investment advisory、Bookkeeping agency、Financial accounting and tax law consulting、Tax planning、The company's registered agent business;Provide audit、Evaluation、Trademark registration, etc。 The company since its establishment,The company scale is growing,Now for more than a few hundred companies to handle the registration formalities,For nearly thousands of households professional financial accounting and related business agent。Now has the worker20More than one,90%The above professional accounting title;The company consists of early100With square office development1500M2 size can accommodate hundreds of people in the office place。Company tenet with preferential prices to provide good service,Do nanny service for small and medium-sized enterprise financial work,Save a lot of problems for the enterprise...

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