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    Shenzhen happiness lightning protection technology engineering co., LTDWas established1998Years is a professional engaged in all kinds of lightning protection engineering survey、Design、The installation、The construction、Consulting and sales of various high quality lightning protection products of the unit。
    We have to ensure that people's life、Property for the purpose of the service,Strong,Taking the letter with the quality。In recent years,We have succeeded in nanshan beacon to shenzhen airport、Mission hills beacon、Shenzhen airport air cargo terminal、Fukuda branch of shenzhen municipal public security bureau、Shenzhen luohu district45Between the primary and middle school campus network、Shenzhen vocational and technical college、Dongguan hong,Guoguang chemical plant、Huaxing electric appliance co., LTD、Depending on the glasses factory、Dongguan guotong securities sales department、Occupational disease prevention and control of hospital of guangdong province、Nanshan district10Between the primary and middle school campus network、Shenzhen city public security traffic management bureau、Zhuhai TV station500A light load case、Dongguan city rural credit cooperative association network computer room、The branch、Center room、Network、China construction bank shenzhen branch center room、Longgang district27School comprehensive lightning protection engineering、Shenzhen adult school comprehensive lightning protection engineering、Longgang industrial park outside monitoring system、Foxconn group、And a number of units in universal Hitachi lightning protection engineering,The lightning protection inspection department acceptance conforms to the national lightning protection regulations。We also undertake the product quality and liability insurance,As well as the long-term tracking service。
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