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Hebei east, lifting machinery manufacturing co., LTD(East group),Located in beijing-tianjin-hebei region known as the“BeiKong three level,Nanda nine provinces,JiFu stronghold,Nanping John”Of baoding city, hebei province。East group is the origin of hoist crane manufacturers,The main products are wire rope electric hoist、Chain electric hoist、Chain blocks、Lever hoist、Sling、Handling equipment, etc。The electric hoist production20000余台,Annual output value9500More than ten thousand yuan。East group can provide processing services for industry colleagues,In the standard of lifting equipment at the same time,Can also according to customer's special requirements for non-standard custom……

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Address:Hebei baoding qing yuan district east lu industrial park

The phone:0312-5655582

A mobile phone:15188699888


Choose the east6The big advantage

In the east6The big advantage
Brand advantage

Group covers an area of east25000Square meters,Employees100More than one,The research and development personnel12People,Professional and technical personnel18People,Testing personnel10People。

According to the need to customize

According to the need to customize:East special hoisting can undertake customized various non-standard lifting products,Enterprise strength,To meet customer demand。

Security of honor

The implementation group6SManagement,PassedISO9001The international quality management system certification,ISO14001Environmental management system certification,OHSAS18001Occupational health and safety management system certification。PICCAccept insurance。China light industry association director unit of hoisting machinery 、National standardization good behaviorAAAAEnterprise、China machinery500To be strong、The national key project construction specified famous quality products, and many other honors。

Advanced equipment

The introduction of international advanced automatic production line,High quality processing equipment and testing equipment,The product is safe and reliable。

After-sales service

No problem24Hours to solve,48Hours to arrive,In remote areas72Hours to arrive。The country has80More than an office。

The international market

Since2012Years,East group to develop the international market,Products are exported to the United States、Mexico、In Brazil、Argentina、Russia、The Czech republic、Romania、Kazakhstan、Pakistan、India、Turkey、Saudi Arabia、Indonesia、Vietnam、Egypt, etc30To many countries and regions。Actively carry out“Quality of the east,The global share”The slogan,Actively participate in the country“the Belt and Roa”In the construction。

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Purchasing explosion-proof electric hoist pictures

Purchasing explosion-proof electric hoist pictures

Purchasing explosion-proof electric hoist pictures, Hebei east, selling various models Wire rope electric hoist 、Chain electric hoist、For device、Lever hoist、The hoisting machinery such as hand chain hoist,Is lifting


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