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2019Years10Month8Date of mortgage rates to rise?What are the implications of suizhou housing

[ Accumulation fund loan amount how to calculate?What kind of circumstances, apply for to buy a house will be rejected? ][ Suizhou country garden·Nanshan green jade32#Central residential push of scene ][ Do you remember2009In suizhou prices Ten years ago and the difference after ten years to buy a house ]

Suizhou Evergrande names Phase ii built around140-180㎡High tribute love of a citySuizhou country garden Jin Jiu major benefits118-143㎡The garden HuaZhai boundary Hit the citySuizhou my yue square  6#Building is about to push To raise the last weekSuizhou taoyuan family1#、2#Building new axis push The lowest5480Yuan/㎡Up
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  • The average price8450Yuan/㎡
    The second phase of gourmet Blooming glory
  • The average price5900Yuan/㎡
    To build around80-120㎡The main type,The YingShi push!
  • The average price5800Yuan/㎡
    To build around30-120㎡French amorous feelings street,Sincerity is registered!
  • The average price5650Yuan/㎡
    To build around121-147㎡A line of lake view room liquidation preference
  • The average price6100Yuan/㎡
    Building surface about west110-155㎡Properties of sell like hot cakes
  • The average price5800Yuan/㎡
    Phase ii built around110-155㎡Properties of sell like hot cakes
  • The average price6150Yuan/㎡
    Second phase of building surface about new products115-147㎡Invited to push
  • The average price5800Yuan/㎡
    To build around110-158㎡View the house,Sell like hot cakes

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