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Henan xinmi treasure light refractory material co., LTD production of clay bricks、High alumina brick、Phosphate brick、Lightweight brick、The spalling resistance of high alumina brick、Low porosity bricks、Castable, etc,National product has been rated as provinces。To win more market credibility,We will with better quality products and more quality services to reciprocate the masses of users love。The service hotline:13603821843    13676909789   0371-63179116  0371-63179722;

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Henan xinmi treasure light refractory material co., LTD., a dry national famous trade city of zhengzhou to one thousand in xinmi between shaolin,The company close to the beijing-guangzhou、And longhai railway arteries107National highway,The transportation is convenient。Within the territory of refractory materials、Fuel rich mineral resources and are of good quality,For the development of refractory industry provides superior natural conditions。
    The company is a collection of scientific research、Production、Sales、The engineering design、Supporting services for the integration of refractory materials production enterprises。The company sets refractory factory、Raw material factory、Test center etc。The company has staff320People,All kinds of professional and technical personnel60People,Strong technical force、Advanced process equipment、Detection means perfect、Annual production capacity in a variety of refractory materials3More than ten thousand tons。
    In order to speed up technological development and constantly upgrading refractory,My company to“Quality first...
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·Cement kiln refractory material used
·Metallurgical refractories
·The power industry with refractory
·Glass kiln refractory material used
Henan xinmi treasure light refractory material co., LTD
·The spalling resistance of high alumina brick ·Alkali resistant castable·Blast furnace refractory material ·Hot blast stove with refractory material·Wear resistant coatings ·Glass kiln refractory material used·The spalling resistance of high alumina brick
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