Pingxiang decoration company,Pingxiang decoration company,Pingxiang Wang Han wisdom
Pingxiang decoration company,Pingxiang decoration company,Pingxiang Wang Han wisdomWisdom Wang Han building design

         With the gradual improvement of the living standards,More and more people have a large space、High grade house,People began to consider from the aspects of mental life more nature,Return to nature,Should the requirements of customers,Wisdom, well-known designer Wang Han on hand in hand08Years9Set up“Great wisdom•… 【More and more】

Pingxiang decoration company,Pingxiang decoration company,Pingxiang Wang Han wisdom
Chinese style and classical style
How is chosen from among many kinds of wallpaper you need...
Domestic outfit company hand in hand to build the natural to the Mediterranean...
Provide the remaining wallpaper decoration company is a dab hand's got talent...
Buy good bath crock,To decorate a company to for advice
A cool summer,Use the tatami
Wang Han-Design director
Our conception of culture,We don't have the style
Zhang Yonghan-Expert designers
Design comes from life, Is the result of communication
WuSiQun-Expert designers
To understand design Feel life with your heart
Exposition-Expert designers
Quality,Grade,Product life
Su Feng-Senior designer
Taste life,Given space unique vitality。
Great wisdom·Wang Han building stylist2014To celebrate...
Congratulations Wang Han Wang Han wisdom, general manager in yichun...
Congratulations to wisdom Wang Han recognition will be a great success!
Warm zhu, phoenix tiancheng cup sixth home set...
“Great wisdom Wang Han”Expo city life
Big wisdom Wang Hanjia people guilin is learning to swim
Guilin tourism line learning 3
Warm congratulations“The Chinese dream,My dreams”The theme...
Warm congratulations on ding love my works of the elite...
Take the happy home
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